Learn how to get your own testimonials.




"The recruiting firm I founded in 1968 now has offices throughout the country and affiliates in Europe. In 1993, I hired Tricia Molloy rather than a public relations agency because I was looking for personalized, accountable service. She represents us to the media for profile stories and expert articles, and creates client and candidate testimonial quotes for our recruiters. She also writes our website copy, brochures and quarterly employee newsletters. We consider Tricia to be our public relations department."

Eric Lindberg,

President of MSI International


"STORYMINERS is a boutique branding consultancy that provides a specialized servicebranded customer experience design. Telling our own story was the challenge. Then, Tricia Molloy came to our aid. She helped us find the right words, right from our own customers. Through her expert and friendly inquiry, we got dead-on descriptions of what we do and what it's like to work with us.

"Prospects who read the testimonials and success stories understand us better and are more motivated to work with us. Tricia is a pleasure to work with. She patiently guides me to better decisions than I would have made alone and leaves a STORYMINERS-like impression with clients. By taking the time to understand us well, she is helping our customers understand us even better. Two thumbs up!"

Mike Wittenstein,

President of STORYMINERS



"When clients tell me how pleased they are with my work, I often ask them for a written testimonial. Either they never get around to doing it because they’re too busy or I get something back that doesn't communicate the right message. No more. Tricia Molloy interviews my clients and captures their delight and appreciation. These quotes bring me new business and, just as important, are great for my morale. That’s priceless!"
Laurie Genevish,
President of The Performance Difference